12 Wins in Gauntlet Kara Dark Avenger


Hi Guys,

Just a small post about my deck that carried me for my gauntlet run.
Here is the decklist:

or : https://duelystdb.com/squad/community_decks?build=MTo1MDUsMTo1MDgsMTo1MTMsMjo1MTcsMTo1MjcsMToxMDAxMiwxOjEwMDE2LDE6MTAwMjAsMToxMDAyMiwxOjEwMjA0LDI6MTA5NTQsMToxMDk3NCwxOjEwOTc4LDE6MTA5NzksMToxMDk4MCwxOjExMDE1LDE6MTEwMzAsMToxMTA0MiwyOjE5MDA0LDE6MTkwMjcsMToxOTA0NCwxOjE5MDQ2LDE6MTkwNTIsMToyMDEzNCwxOjIwMTQ0LDE6MjAxNDgsMToyMDE2MCwxOjIwMTYz

Cards that performed amazingly :
- Dark Nemesis . He is incredible in late game and usually , I win the turn after his played. Even if the other player deals with it, he uses so much resource or sacrifice board presence .
- Sworn Avenger x2 . Tha fact of having 2 of them makes the deck so strong. They can kill it once, not twice
-Repulsor beast and Heart Sister x2 . So useful in gauntlet, either to push a big threat away, or to pull an annoying range from the other side of the map.
-Brightmoss and Hailstone Golem. With KARA BBS, these ones become just strong and gives you tremendous value to keep board presence.
-Deathblighter. Also, in Kara, very strong because buffed. Can cange situation were you are loosing board presence.

Cards that did good :
- Syvrel the Exile. Not bad, especially in late game to teleport the opponents stormetal golem ^^. But usually, you prefer to play either canon of mechazor or sworn avenger.
- Primus Shieldmaster. Actually this one is amazing haha.
- Spirit of the wild. Made me win 2 games. isolate you in a corner, summon your range minions and reactivates them.
-Draugar lord . Tremendous value. If killed, he comes back ;).

Disappointing cards :
- Hailstone prison . Not that good in gauntlet, where cards in hand are important and many cards have oppening gambits…
- Sunset Paragon. usually very good in gauntlet. I never used it the whole run.
-Chakram. Good on paper, I play him on ladder also but really not impressive. Does not change the situation of the game usually. Actually, usually replaced ^^
Sun elemental. Shitty card
Twilight sorcerer. Bad in my deck. mistake to pick him

The deck strategy is to clear opponent board at every turn. Sacrifice your general health , and try to get as much value from your minions.

Rewards :

If somebody wants, I can post the video of the last game. It showcases well the deck overall.

I hope this can help you in gauntlet!