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12 win in gauntlet using Reva - and I feel dirty


Sorry. Sometimes when it gets out of control… it gets out of control…

I feel bad sometimes piloting Reva, it must be frustrating on the other side when there are multiple heartseekers, ki beholders all over the board buffed up with deathstrike seal.

I have been on the receiving end and it is not fun.

I am going to take a bath now.

p/s: not rubbing salt or anything, just sincerely feel bad.


This looks more like a humble brag to be honest. If you genuinely felt bad and thought how getting 12 wins with reva isn’t an accomplishment what so ever you wouldn’t have made the post because it’s a general consensus how reva is strong in gauntlet.

Not that anything is wrong with humble brags. Getting 12 wins is quite an achievement, regardless of the deck you use.


the unseen brag is the deadliest.


what he has done, cannot be undone



Secrets kept are weapons wasted


Haha. :slight_smile:
Benefit of doubt is often lost.

When the catss go out, the mice go crazy.


If you been on the other side …
If you know how dirty it can be …
Then why pick Reva and come here with fake apologies for steamrolling in Gauntlet ?

This is just disguised boasting :laughing: shame is on you, yes, but not for using Reva :stuck_out_tongue:

Protip : there are 3 different faction (hence 6 possible Generals) proposed when you start Gauntlet :wink:


Be ashamed ! BE ASHAMED !
Nah. Don’t.
As raqyee said, no matter the deck you used, 12 wins in Gauntlet is nothing to feel bad about. Even if playing Reva.


I am ashamed… but the lure of the dark side is too strong… Muahaha.
(though, really was not thinking about bragging, but I can see how it appear as so. No problem)

On the other hand, I finished my bath. So I feel clean again for another round as Reva. =P


Wow, rude. Where did you learn such offensive language :pouting_cat:


I usually only use decks that have one-offs of bad cards in constructed, because i feel like cheating when i use something viable.


I for one choose to believe the OP. I really fail to see how the world will become a better place by assuming the worst about people.

So yes, I understand your feeling, OP :slight_smile:


Acceptance is the first step on the road to redemption. Take it slow, OP. One day at a time.


Quite an amusing thread with up and down. Well, that’s the internet for you.


Hsuku is laughing at your post somewhere … i know it jajajaja


Topic has no discussive basis. Closing.

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