1024 Black Locusts: Get to 1024 Replies and I will double the locusts


replieeeeeeeeed (sorry I needed to get to the character minimun :D)


Do you?


Also there is something interesting bout this thread


That i just sniped 64


I demand over 9000 Locusts.


Lkian is pretty fine👌
Its sad most everyone forgot about the draw she provided us in duelyst dark ages


Yes. Yes i do. BECUZ VANIA EXISTS :heart_eyes:


we all know veight is much better


Veight is best trap but Vania is best girl.



I used to prefer the Scarab god, but then I noticed how derpy this face looked

He looks like Zoidberg mated with one of the aliens from the Star Wars cantina. No amount of 4/4 zombies can fix that.


Still better love story than Twilight


moooooar locustsssssssssssssssss meepbleepdeepaleep.


too many locust call the Gears. Did somebody get the reference?.. nobody, oh, okay.


I call this a lo-tier thread. Cust it just is.


I would like to submit my reply…


Submits a locost reply


Sun’s shining bright today, like it’s summer already. Ideal time for delicious dried up locusts.


Don’t eat them yet, let them multiply for a while!

then they’ll eat you


u suk big bananas