1024 Black Locusts: Get to 1024 Replies and I will double the locusts


Actually some guys did a scientific paper, and the answer was that traps are not gay.


Send links.

I need evidence.


I’m on mobile rn, when I get home.


go ahead

make my day

ill wait



Edit: I can’t read

TLDR: No. but people who like traps are apparently attracted to the idea of being traps.



There is no going back.


Summary, traps aint gay


(Insert random provocative statement here)

(Plea for discussion)

Edit: (Impassioned rebuttal to differing opinion)




That’s adorable gibberish right there…:sirpenti:


Let’s just skip the first 7 plagues, shall we? We’re in a hurry here.


Wont be able to snipe this, cuz 8 hours of sleep is a neccesity…128 though


12 more? O sh… Didn’t count mine.





I don’t know if I want to contribute to this. Oh wait…


To be honest, me neither


To the rest of you out there who DO want to contribute, there’s a little blue button near the bottom that says ‘reply,’ press that and put a bunch of text in the box (don’t think too much about it) and then press the next reply button at the bottom of the text box.

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I call in the Locust god for help:

He should be enough. (he creates a 1/1 with Rush and flying each time you draw a card and can’t be destroyed)