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1024 Black Locusts: Get to 1024 Replies and I will double the locusts


Its more common than people think. Having a nosebleed when you’re asleep is not a great experience.


Oh god, that would be disasterous


I have nosebleeds literally everyday in the heat of summer where the air is confused between hot and dry, and hot and humid which causes my tiny and fragile blood vessels in my nose to break and release a gush of blood uwu

great to know my bloody bretheren are out there and living good lives. uwu


Multiply, dear locusts. uwu


Please refrain from forming a blood covenant with Internet randos.


@excogitator You should subtly bolden some of the locusts so that in the final picture it’s a giant locust amongst locusts


five hundred and forty eight





Iz dat, iz dat stalin? Nice to meet you man who killed 100’s of millions of people, can I get you to kill just one little more? Pwease stawin, pwease with a cherry on top?


just for you i will


it actually Sylvester Stalin



Way to kill the thread dude


To kill the undead, a feat I could not complete.



The guy who i want you to “redistribute wealth” from :wink:, and i will keep his gender secret so only you may know, his name rhymes with dohdoigosh, only Rick and Morty fans can figure this out.

kk, tank stawin. :kissing::kissing::kissing:


Bra, what yo tryin to pull here? Skedaddle yo pansy ass locusts or else I’ll glasnost yo ass all the way to the gulags





merch wen