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1024 Black Locusts: Get to 1024 Replies and I will double the locusts



almost theeereeeee


Make your Locusts swol: Fractal Replicate your Gargantuan Growthed Locusts today!


Duelyst players hate him, double the size of your locusts with this one easy trick


Random question: what is something that you are irrationally snobby about?

I’m asking because I’m very snobby about two things; snails and cheese

  • For snails for aquariums, I feel like I have the right to be snobby, since only tropical snails with the ability to flip over should ever be kept. The others will just die either from boiling to death, or not being able to right themselves. Only fancy snails for me.
  • For cheese, my friends took me to a fancy cheese store and… I just can’t go back to the cheap shredded mozzarella that tastes like plastic.

I won’t judge you for liking cheap cheese, however, but I will judge you HARD if you get unfit snails.


You can hit it like 5 times, then sit in his throne


Not enough.



The pillowfication crusade.


Stop trying to spread your disease to other threads, plague-bearer!




His palace is like 70% circular saw.
Something about that is very wrong.


But the other 30% is squishy little bleps with cool animations.


Wingmould is a cute


No, those little shits are only maybe 5%.

the other 25% is pain, thorns, spikes, and people that are very easy to kill.


I am a fan of extra sharp cheeses. I like my cheeses to cut my very soul…


And 3 kingsmould(dont ask where the other 2 are, you DONT want to go there)


The only proper way to listen to this is to have it playing on 10 separate tabs.

@isbee did you get all the Prismatic Trials yet?


Did you mean to include the Path of Pain as well? If so then I pity your fragile, naked body


I thought about doing that, but decided I didn’t care enough. A regular full collection was what I went for.


Dont mind me fixing some typos


Huh, I thought you had enough excess spirit/gold to guarentee a full set purchase of every expac. I was initially thinking of saving up spirit to craft each of the non-prismatic trials so that I’d get prismatic versions from the orb tiers, but I’ve already got the trials I wanted prismatics for so…


@alexx55, hear here! Must’ve been the damn auto-correct again.


In the context of the statement you’re quoting, yes. I would rather have my naked body dragged through all of White Palace (including Path of I Wanna Die) than submit to the Radiance Pillow.

@alexx55 technically 4 kingsmoulds if you count the one guarding the entrance.