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Would it have been better if I said, “Well at least you only have to be driven places to do things. If you had to be driven to do things at all then it would be an immensly arduous task to undertake,” rather than what my original post said? Because that seems less funny to me


The first one never seemed funny.


Funny is in the eye of the beholder

Erk, totally forgot to say that I was beholding it


The Hell is a Human and why are you required to play with it for thirty minutes every day?

Also I don’t think your own humour is something you yourself should be holding.
kill me


Pretty sure he revealed himself to be a dog.


Four centuries plus 7


I find this version to be of an order of magnitude greater in its application of humour.


Man I don’t know, I’m just following orders. I mean come one, who comes up with the name “human” anyways? Seems like a bunch of nonosenso to me.

Why wouldn’t I hold something that’s mine?

It’s also the version of which required of me the most or perhaps simply a greater shm of efforts by ways and means of engaging upon the action of which I will henceforth recount as “typing” in relation to the phrase of which you yourself have uttered less than a day ago via the action of recalling the phrase of utterance put forward by mine own self in an effort to prove unto other likeminded or otherwise inclined individuals that the previous sense of deliverance was indeed that of a superior interpretation in means of speed and efficiency by which it was intended to convey or invoke my own reaction to the words uttered by the one known to us as epicflygon in a mannerism not intended to reflect an impulse of disgust or other vile mannerism but instead an attitude of jest of which I fear was improperly recieved thus resulting in a predicament of where I find myself and others disscussing in what appears to be passing conversation on the issue of “humour” and what that entails in regards to the very essence of the intonation of ideas we propose in an effort to communicate to another being or beings of similar state of sentience as well as conciousness. In that sense, it was more of a pain to type out.

Don’t believe what they tell you. They have no proof of my doggoship!


I concur…


Who here played in the qualifiying round for the launch tourney cept me?


I wish I could participate but I had a lot to do and even if I made it to day 2 I wasn’t free.


Everyone send me your power of the forums, I will carry you all with me in day 2


Winning the tournament is a 50% chance, you either do or you don’t.


Thanks for the inspirational words xd


If you want some inspirational quotes I heard inspirobot.me is good.


Here, have a quote from @discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice. — Wayne Dyer



woah nice


Thanks feelsgoodman


Oh hey we’re at 420…

Oh wait