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1024 Black Locusts: Get to 1024 Replies and I will double the locusts


I am familiar with some of this…stopped watching a while ago, though.


It’s been a while since the last jojos reference:


If I want to cosplay jojo characters, I need to tone down my work outs.

sincerely-a guy who works out too much


You really only need to work out three times a week to get good gains, maybe some cardio on off days, but yeah. There hasn’t really been evidence that working out more than that is effective and actually leads to higher chances of injury.

Please be careful not to hurt yourself.


dont worry I only really work out intensely on weekends, and just do some light and I mean light martial form practice during the week.
I was mainly kidding
I see so many guys blow their arms out and such because they are just too crazy.
one guy I heard got a hernia in his nuts from doing hundreds of squats at high weight daily


Damn, you know you’ve worked out too much when you bust a nut


he felt like he had a third ball, but three times larger


Oh heeelllllll no.

I’ve heard of rhabdomyolysis from CrossFit, but not hernia near the groin! So you’re saying he pushed part of his bowels into his testes by squating!? Was the dude okay?

I’m trying to improve my overall fitness by getting my circadian rhythm on track. I don’t excersize much (twice a week, plus some cardio in off days), but I excersize, eat, and sleep at regular times. Maybe it’s the hippie part of me talking, but I’m feeling pretty darn good.


This guy was on a wrestling team.
He needed major surgery, as I mentioned earlier its like he had a giant third nut appear in the shower. Apparently it was excrutiating. As far as I heard hes ok, but he was out of commission for like a year


I wish I could work out more but I sadly can’t fir it into other’s schedules.


Yes I’m fully booked as well. Just look at all the things I have to do:


Not enough time in the day I tell you


I have a lot of free time but I have to be driven to places.


At leat you don’t have to be driven to do things. That’s an even bigger pain


I’m gonna ignore the spellings and grammatical errors and point out that you just read what I said wrong.


Driven has more than one definition my friend :nerd_face:


You know the correct definition in my sentence though, don’t play full retard.


And you know the definition in mine. I don’t see why you would think my sentence would have to carry the same meaning as yours :confused:


It was used in response to mine.


Still doesn’t have to have the same meaning


I give up.