1024 Black Locusts: Get to 1024 Replies and I will double the locusts


Wait i found a loophole. There are only 43 available spaces for locusts


I am thouroughly disappointed that Locust works like Mogwai and doesn’t proc off of spells/other movement effects :magdown:

Also, why hasn’t anyone given the op a like yet? Especially you @isbee, you out of all people should’ve been the one to insta-like it


9 more hours and I will. I mean, I did get the 16th comment, after all…sheesh.


Been liking up the meme thread lately?


I have never liked anything on the forum…I haven’t liked anything 34,410 times…


Are you ok there, @mmf? Do you have amnesia? :sirpenti:


So…the real question now becomes:

Do we continue to play this game and essentially create and kill the 3rd meme thread without even realizing it?


Do we lose interest in spamming?


We can kill the 2nd meme thread, then inhabit and eventually take complete control of this thread.


Hey, finally some love for my favorite card art


Why bother? 15 locusts


Does it count as spamming if we’re all actually working towards something?


Locke and loaded.


This post has been sniped!


Leave it to aloe vera to lock a post…then reopen it for shits and giggles


Let the Swarm grow…Verdantly


Someone call in the Swarmking… yea the big scarab that blew a hole in the Kaero Museum of Art


Hmmm… I need to start some discussion to make this thread grow faster, but I have no time for new memes. Time to pull out the foremost philosophical questions of today!

  • How to pronounce “Gif”?
  • does pineapple belong on pizza?
  • are traps gay?


Traps are gay and that is okay.



  • gif
  • on someone else’s, sure
  • however they identify (but I don’t think inanimate objects can express their gender)


Let our brethren become infinite and without rival.