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three hundred and 2


Pretty sure you just created a paradox with your pfp.


And also kinda said that this community’s opinion doesn’t matter at all.


Locust energy sent


My anime profile picture (not here, somewhere else) is the most badass in the world. Nobody can tell me otherwise!


Lemme guess

Its satania


It’s an album cover for a electronic song, so I actually don’t know what anime it is. Any of you know where it’s from? I’m reminded of Faye Valentine, but the art style is different.



As the resident weeb, i have no idea what thats from. Looks late 1990s to 2006 ish though. The biggest chink in my weeb armor is older anime, I watch newer stuff generally

With how grainy that is, id suspect it is a resized jpg. Or some art meant for sumthin other than an anime, such as for a vn or game cutscene.


My first thought was the character from Ghost in the Shell. But I’m not sure that its similar enough. Its too hard to tell who it is with the gun so close to the face.


That girl has an entirely seperate hair color tho right? Also,


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What are you talking about? You totally have an anime character for your profile picture. You didn’t know?

As for the other picture, Google does not recognize it being from another source. It’s entirely possible it’s an original piece of art.

@loliconartist I demand to know your opinion of Re:Zero. At least a rating on a scale of 1 to 10.


I think you’re right! She’s called Motoko Kusanagi.




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Imo re:zero is an 7 out of 10
The story was pretty well fleshed out, the ending gave a decent sense of satisfaction. However, the character development and pacing was imbalanced with the dramatic tense moments. I feel they should have spent more time getting the audience invested in the characters before pulling the triggers on the dramatic moments.

For a show that has so much of a serious character driven tone, i feel it really needed more development to make the audience feel the vicarious sympathy with subaru


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The hair colour is actually pretty similar to the picture. But thats comparing the character image on MAL. Been a while since I watched the movie, so couldn’t be certain from just remembering from it from the movie. But there is probably only a handful of female characters that I’ve seen that would look comfortable or badass with using a gun.


Unfortunate. I was hoping for no more than a 5/10, for the show is pure unfiltered garbage (I allow some room to be polite, hence why 5 is acceptable). In my honest and correct opinion, the show does not deserve more than a 2 of 10.

As much as I would love to contribute more posts to this thread, I’m afraid my disgust leaves me unwilling to further discuss this topic.