1000 Ways to Die: Duelyst Edition


Hello fellow Duelysts. Is that what someone who plays Duelyst is? Is that the label? I dunno. Anyway, I had this crazy idea to make this thread based off of the TV Show “1000 Ways to Die”. I thought it could be something a little different and fun, and will encourage lots of imagination!

Here’s how it works. I will set up an in-game scenario. Much like the Daily Challenge, your goal is to defeat the general in 1 turn. (I guess it’s sort of a send off to the Daily Challenge in that sense). However, you’ll get to be creative in how you kill the enemy. The only rules are that you must not cross-breed factions unless using a card with the potential to do so, such as Nether Summoning, and that your play can’t exceed 9 mana unless utilizing mana tiles, which can’t exceed 3. Also, make sure your hand size doesn’t exceed 6 without card draw mechanics. Pretty much, just make it a possible play, as absurd as I’m sure some will be.

Ok now, scenario time!

“Your general is at 7 health. Enemy general at 17. You are on the opponent’s starting side of the board. A Slo that was just Roared is perfect protecting the enemy. Your general is provoked by that Slo. A Dioltas tombstone with 6 remaining health is on the opposite side of the board because of a Repulsor Beast.”

So how will YOU kill the enemy? I’m sure that many of you are rubbing your hands together diabolically thinking of what ridiculous combos you could pull off. Remember, all is fair if it’s actually possible in the game. You can pick any faction/general you want (I was careful to not give you any faction-exclusive cards so it would allow for that freedom).

Surprise me! I’m excited to hear what you’ll think of!


I have 15 creep on board, play obliterate, hit face. Boom 20 first win, 25 Welcome back, 25 play 4 online Abyss games, 50 Adventurer :laughing:

OR if i can’t use pre-setup

As Starhorn:
Play Dance of Dreams 9 -> 8 Mana
Triple flash in a Grincher whom gets a decreased cost Twin Fang, equip that 8 -> 7 Mana
Play Kujata 7-5 Mana
Spam 1 Mana 1 health minions til +15 Atk
Play Plasma Storm/Egg Morph
Kill General


1: Juxtaposition between Slo and the Tombstone.
2: Play 2 Mana Vortex cards for 2 Killing Edges which have been reduced in cost by Xhos
3: Hit with general + tombstone
4: Grandmaster Zendo

Total mana: 8
Total damage: 18
Total salt from opponent: all the salt!


Here is some CRAZY Songhai burst being pulled off in Tournament. Youtube link to correct time- https://youtu.be/43KRLqkJiQo?t=4029

Songhai is still extremely strong,


Play abjudicator. Heal the tombstone with sundrop elixer, then magnetize it. Kill the slo with Lucent beam. Double divine bond the tombstone, smash face for 20 damage with tombstone.

Total mana cost- 8
Who says Lyonar can’t otk

Now for something you’ve all probably seen on the ladder at some point.

Flash decimus double tectonic spikes. A totally not broken combo for 18 damage at 8 mana


At some point in time I’d Zen’rui’d a Xho and ended up with a Juxtaposition. Flash Reincarnation -> Drogon -> Fractal Replication -> Juxtapose the Slo with the Tombstone -> BBS. I’d BBSd to the point where I was at 5 attack at the start of this turn.

5 + 1 = 6
6 * 2 = 12
12 * 2 = 24
24 * 2 = 48

Hit face.


Abjudicator was played earlier
x2 Boneswarm with cost having been reduced by Abjudicator = 2 Mana, 4 Damage (Kills Slo)
Hexblade (4 Mana) + Tears (0 Mana), hit for 7, Time Maelstrom (2 Mana) hit for 7 again.
Total 8 Mana, 18 Damage


Why don’t people play around the ol Bloodrage Mask MDS Juxtaposition Phoinex Fire double Ethereal Blades play. Lol


Only problem is, where did the Xho come from? Seeing you’re playing against someone with access to Slo and Roar your playing Lyonar, thus you can’t get Xho


A Grinched Iridium Scale could work instead of the Juxtaposition since there was no way to acquire Xho from the opponent.

Then attack for nearly 2 games’ worth of damage!


Rawr can summon any random battle pet, right?


I think it only gets the neutrals and in-factions like the rest of the pet spawners.


The Vanar spell that turns a minion into a random battle pet (Altered beast) can turn a minion into a battle pet of a different faction than you use.


But he still can’t use Vanar as a Magmar v. Lyonar game

A Grinched Iridium would prolly work though or triple Abjudicated Egg or Double Flash Teleportadude


katara +mist dragon seal + inner focus backstab + innerfocus backstab + inner focus killing edge backstab

18 damage for 5 mana. “songhai is so weak after bloodborn” /sarcasm

an abjudicator previously played. summon a helm of mechaz0r to complete mechaz0r and place it where it next to the enemy general AND slo. sprit of the wild (dropped to 4 mana) and use mechaz0rs frenzy to clear slo and deal 8 damage. then SOTW again and punch with mechazor and your face for lethal.

9 mana 18 damage(shocking how its always an even number


I just noticed Slo is buffed by roar, which means the general is Argeon after all. Sorry for the mistake.


Three Abjudicators played last turn: Eight Gates + Eight Gates + Eight Gates + Xho-ified Spiral + Phoenix + Xho-ified Spiral = 31 Damage only 8 Mana


Three Bloodrage masks on.

  1. Hit the Slo with Arclyte
  2. Magnetize the Tombstone (1 mana)
  3. Ironcliffe Heart (4 mana)
  4. Divine Bond (3 mana)
  5. Roar (1 mana- that’s 9 total)
  6. Realize you missed lethal because you have a Grincher’d Iridium Scale in hand
  7. Concede


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