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1000 Eggy Egg Deck


Okka Vigor

Didn’t even notice I reached 1k days visited if it wasn’t for @isbee. Time to create a thread :blush:.

The deck idea is to create a Magmar intensify deck. Namely Okkadok and Invigoration. Hence the deck name.
To use Invigoration I added Fugitive. If Fugitive sticks then you are almost immortal. Flash is added to get Fugitive out earlier. Fugitive can even give back a copy of Flash.
To use Okka I added Progenitor and Fractal.
For the intensify effects to work, I avoided making the deck super fast and made a relatively slow deck.
While rare to win by intensify effects and Fractal, it is fun when it happens. Things get crazy when you Fractal a Fugitive.

Usual methods of winning:
Fugitive + Lava Lance spam, because Lava Lance is supposed to be OP so you got to play it a million times.
Forcefield eggs (Zoetic Charm) and spamming eggs :egg::egg::egg:.
And Silthar Elder, the newest addition to the deck. Surprisingly I seem to be winning much more after adding the almost forgotten Elder. Guess it makes sense that a slow powerful finisher works in a slow deck.

Win rate after including Elder:
1 loss, 9 wins, 1 loss, 5 wins reaching S rank. Then another 2 wins.
Thanks Hsuku for stopping my 9 win streak :sob:.

So for whatever reason I’m magically winning with this fun deck. So I decided to show this deck :grinning:
Enjoy your day.


This deck is a concentrate of things I despise the most in Duelyst…
But you’re nice and I wanted to congratulate you as well for your 1000 days in the forum :smiley: !


Might just be me but I’d like to see a Mitotic Induction to combo with Okkadok. I just got that itch for the intensify since Mirrorrim isn’t in there. Looks fun tho.


I love the egg swarm but you are missing something important that every egg swarm need wild inceptor and morin-khur.

PS: hope this helps

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Inceptor and Morin-Khur are good cards but are more fast aggressive cards. Don’t think it matches the slower game plan. Can’t grow a giant army to run over my opponent if my opponent is already dead :laughing:.
Note I don’t even have Greater Fortitude so…

I did give a quick try with Mitotic but think was just a bit too hard to use. First you have to play it after Okkadok, with no other minions in between. Then you have to care the egg doesn’t get destroyed. The reward is an Okkadok with a slight stat boost by intensify effect. So situational, high risk, low reward :expressionless:.
There is Zoetic for protection but I don’t think it is quite enough to get Mitotic working.


… I’m cringing at the idea of lava lance spam…

Anyways, Mitotic can also be used effectively on ragebinder, mentor, fugitive and slithar.

Since it’s only 2 mana, the risk is pretty low; the opponent will usually need to spend more than that to get rid of the egg.

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What about Dreadnought?

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Mostly unneeded in the core deck if Lava Lance gets to combo Fugitive.
It is a very much viable option in the sideboard if one decides to play it competitively.

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Will you add the deck to Duelspot please? :slight_smile:

Looks fun!

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Well, I gave a try on Duelspot.
Why couldn’t you simply upload an image :frowning: . Struggled ages to make the deck image appear properly. Turns out I was meant to put the actual imgur picture link and not the imgur webpage link :angry:. Just a difference of .png at the end.
I tried to copy my post here. Turns out the emojis copied come out HUGE for some reason. Couldn’t shrink them so ended up deleting them.
Might also be nice to have a simple text size tool.
Guess I’m just used to how easy MS Word is to use.
It could be helpful to some if there exists a video on a tutorial / example on how to upload / format a deck on Duelspot :wink: :wink:.
There is my Duelspot feedback.

Thank you :smiley:

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Not sure what problems you had (because I didn’t have these) but @chuyqwerty is the guy to receive your feedback :slight_smile:

Maybe he can improve on it.

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