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10 Soul orb deal disaperd after I clicked it



Describe the issue here.
I clicked on the deal just see how buying stuff works and now its gone did not get chance to buy it please help I want that deal.

Operating System:

Windows 10

Game Client:



To add more information to this, it appears that if you’re using the Steam client and you cancel the order after clicking on the one time “10 for 10” promotional deal it flags your account as having purchased them even if the transaction never took place (so no money spent and no orbs gained). This also makes it impossible to purchase even on the dedicated client.


Hi Metal, this is an ongoing issue with the 10 for 10 offer. Just contact support explaining your issue here: https://duelyst.uservoice.com/ they will get you to purchase the 7 orb deal, walk you through a couple questions and then will credit you the +3 orb difference from the deal and the regular purchase.