1 Sentence Analysis -- RyanH's Rise of the Bloodborn Analysis


Welcome to my 1-sentence-analysis! If you can’t be bothered to read a full 5 page essay about every damn card, welcome. Cards here.

Something something S-Rank analysis.

Let’s get straight to it.


Draining Wave: Seems pretty good; can enable heals onto your own General, pretty cheap removal.

Prism Barrier: Forcefield is really strong, and now you can apply to any minion?!

Scintilla: Above average stats with an above average ability.

Sunbreaker: Not very viable, but with Prism Barrier it can be?

Trinity Oath: Perfect for mid-range Lyonar; healing AND card draw is what Lyonar lacks.

Excelsious: Pretty slow card, depends on if the meta will keep up or overtake it.


Obscuring Blow: Seems pretty broken if casted on a general (combined with Twilight Fox), but is yet to be seen.

Ethereal Blade: This General-Oriented expansion brings another above-average card; good in Gauntlet.

Twilight Fox: Enables Backstabs, moving enemy positions are always nice anyways.

Whiplash: Gauntlet card, very mediocre otherwise.

Cobra Strike: Budget-old-Spiral Technique, could be cool.

Geomancer: Midrange Songhai card with an exponential effect as time goes on, beware.


Stone to Spears: Could be fun on dispelled Obelysks, still doesn’t fix Repulsor Beast / Daemonic Lure.

Zephyr: Bring baaaack, bring baaack, oh bring back my Sajj to meeeeee

Divine Spark: Old Second Wish, will see much play now that Vet needs card draw.

Incinera: Your General gains omniblast if you have Ankh on.

Autarch’s Gifts: Really good card, always will be value; most Vetruvian artifacts are good anyways.

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak: Lethals are now 50% off!

Abyssian Host

Furosa: Could be cool, but Wraithlings aren’t very viable yet.

Fiend: Cool Sprite.

Aphotic Drain: Step 1) Target Gor.

Punish: Lok’Tar Ogar! (Hearthstone Warrior joke)

Horror Buster: Really good card. Hopefully it doesn’t land on your Abyssal Juggernaut.

Abyssal Scar (AWESOME): Solidifies Variax as a uber-late game card; like I said, will depend if meta is slow enough. (Note: How else are you getting Shadow Creep without your BBS?)

Shadowspawn (AWESOME): Really good, since furious wraithlings are 4/4 (?). Long live wraithlings?

Horror: Cool sprite.

Necrotic Sphere: You know when the enemy plays Grandmaster Embla, and you’re covered with walls? Yeah.

Grandmaster Variax: Uber-slow, but immensely powerful as time goes on.


Rancour: Sworn Avenger 2.0, maybe strong in Gauntlet.

Entropic Gaze: What if I told you Flameblood Warlock had a replacement?

Thraex: Good card, but won’t live enough to get enough value.

Tectonic Spikes: Now, what if I told you Entropic Gaze had a bigger brother?

Drogon: 10/10 General -> 22/10 General.

Valknu’s Seal: Grandmaster Z’ir but better.


Concealing Shroud: Super good in any deck.

Frigid Corona: Stop with the Stun cards; as long as they can still counterattack Stun is mediocre.

Myriad: Cool sprite, mediocre - great effect.

Enfeeble: Really good card, combine with Skorn for boardclear.

Sleet Dasher: Very odd card, kinda slow.

Grandmaster Embla: Pray your opponent doesn’t have necrotic sphere, but otherwise pretty decent!


Cryptographer: Really damn strong.

Sanguinar: Use on Geomancer or anything really.


I hope you enjoyed / learnt something from this. Or not.


What cards do you believe will be Meta-Defining, Good, Decent and Bad?
RyanH's S-Rank Compendium Of Decks for Every General! [Bloodborn]
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I aggree all of these although i think cryptographer is overrated here. I like your jokes though was a nice read pal


hes not, he is so dank


I agree that Stone to Spears is a little bit underwhelming but nobody seems to be taking into account the re positioning part. If you get repulsored or daemonicd into a corner then it is easy for your opponent to just completely avoid that corner regardless of it being able to move slightly close to the battle. But if you have one like 1/3 of the distance from the wall and the battle has shifted away from it, being able to drag it to center stage would be huge. Even without being able to get the free 3 dmg in I think it would still be worth it. Especially if you have more than a single obelysk that is benefiting from the re positioning.


I definitely disagree with Frigid Corona, that card is bonkers. Along with Icy, its text reads “force the enemy general to play Hearthstone for a turn.” You underestimate how heavily we rely on our generals to remove things, and Corona along with Concealing Shroud makes Freeze Vanar an actually viable thing. Even against some crazy aggro decks (MAGMAR) you can stall out games to their conclusion using chip damage.

In fact, I would consider using it outside of control Vanar, just because freezing the general is such a strong effect. It comes with a cantrip too, which means you don’t give up any card advantage on it.


If i had a free slot and i must choose something obelisk-related, i’d prefer to put a third wish in it.

Still can be useful on dispelled obelisks tho.

All in all, i only begin my 3900 gold journey today.

be damn this cold.


Valknu’s Seal produces a Minion with the same stats and abilities as your current General. It does not prevent you from losing if Vaath gets squished.

Source: reddit FAQ/errata


nice analysis man!
just one thing, sunbreaker already has the forcefield keyword right? so maybe it’s a little better than indicated.


I think Ryan was refering to the ability to give other valuable minions forcefield so you don’t nuke your side of the board as well.


ahhh! i’ve caught up now. thanks for clearing that up!


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