Hey Guys,
i’m super new to this game (not even playing it for a month…), but i finally managed it to get to gold division with this deck, so i thought it would be worth sharing it with other new players. Although my favorite faction is Vanar (with Faie, shout-out to MegaMogwai :kissing_heart:), i had to complete the Magmar daily-quest, so i build a deck without spending any spirit:

The strategy is usually clearing the board or ignoring the enemy minions by keeping them distant or provoke them and then go face with Overload and/or Adamantite Claws as soon as possible. This results in very short but intense games.
I think it works pretty well against any faction… Especially against these boring Kara or Cassayva builds; before they are able to outvalue you, they are already dead :grin:.
But even if you reach a critical late game phase you either heal yourself or drop a huge-ass golem to block the enemy minions from reaching you. Usually those generate you tremendous value because if your opponent doesn’t have lethal on you he/she has to trade off a lot of minions to kill it (because obviously ‘dispel’ doesn’t work on them and other removals are pretty rare; especially this late in the game).
And if your oppontents runs from you, just use Silhuette Tracer to hunt them down.
The usual finishing move consists of Saberspine Tiger in Combo with Primus Fist and GOING FACE.

Please let me know what you think about this (any experienced Pro-Gamers?)



For a 1000-spirit-deck this seems pretty solid to me. You have heal, you have removal, you have board clear, card draw and some power houses.
In a meta where swarm isn’t played much (attention: meta will be shaked completely in three days!) and since you run Plasma Storm you could think of cutting Harvester and an Bloodtear for… two Young Silithar. They are so valuable.
Since Vaath is your primary damage dealer you may want to put in one more Earth Sphere for more heal-consistency.
But if you say this deck works fine I absolutely believe it.

For 1800 spirit in total you get 3 Earth Sisters. Some of the cards you need for her you already have (playing a Harvester is at least one of them). Every Magmar Rare you have is making Sister 100 cheaper because you don’t have to craft it. Crafting the Rares will also get you Flash Reincarnation, Elucidator and Egg Morph. Any of these cards are played much and may make the deck stronger.
If you have a Makantor or two or three - try to put them all in. Cut the Golems first for it.

Just something to think about. But since you want to main Vanar this may not the best option for you. And if the deck works and you have fun you’re on the right way!
Again: The deck looks solid. Making a better deck for more spirit is no problem - but that’s not the point at this time, right? :wink: